Emmett technique

A unique form of body relaxation therapy involving the application of light finger pressure on specific points

Emmett Tehnika

EMMETT technique

This unique form of body relaxation therapy involves the application of light finger pressure on specific points, named “Emmett points” after the developer of this technique – Ross Emmett.

With this technique, triggering the response of the right muscle shows effective results immediately after pressure has been put on the muscle. The efficacy of the technique can be tested immediately by measuring strength, mobility or balance. Apart from the immediate restorative effect on the muscle (which is either facilitated or relaxed, based on the state of the muscle, i.e., depending on the response of the associated proprioceptors), the application of this technique aims to prompt the patient’s long-term betterment by relaxing muscular and fascial tension, as well as the release of natural endorphins, better circulation and lymphatic flow.

“In every very complex system there is a specific, critical point, whose stimulation will result in the most significant changes in the system.”

The EMMETT technique can be employed for different issues: from musculoskeletal imbalances to lymphedemas. It has also shown amazing results for chronic and acute sinus issues.

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