Tourist medical office

Tourist medical office

Throughout the year, in the ORTHOPAEDIC-TRAUMATOLOGICAL POLYCLINIC RAKOVAC we provide medical care to  inhabitants, tourists and visitors of Porec and the whole Istrian county.
Also, during summertime, we organize an additional medical office reserved solely for tourists.

Have a safe and healthy vacation in Poreč and Istria!

Istria is a beautiful and safe destination.
Having that in mind, the availability of medical care in cases of injury and/or sickness is crucial.
In RAKOVAC POLYCLINIC we are actively engaged in preservance and protection of your health.

Statistically, the most common symptoms for which people visit out tourist clinic are:

  • fever
  • back pain- lumbago (lower back pain), neck pain, stiffness, neuritis (sciatic nerve inflamation, cervicobrachial syndrome)
  • pain during urination
  • knee, shoulder, ancle, foot, hand and fingers trauma
  • itchy rash
  • stomachache
  • ear pain and blockage
  • headache
  • high blood pressure

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