Minimally invasive foot surgery

A straight parable from your big toe to your pinkie toe

Ispravljanje i skraćivanje malih prstiju

Toe correction and shortening

A minimally invasive forefoot surgery allows us to correct or shorten toes without leaving considerably visible scars. There are different shapes of feet. Ideally, your toes should gradually downsize in a straight parable, from your big toe to your pinkie toe. This foot shape adapts the most to modern footwear. For barefoot walking and running, all foot shapes perform equally, but wearing footwear changes this.

Toes (2nd to 4th toe) can be corrected in every direction – correction of toes that are turned to the sides are interesting and aesthetically valuable, while functional corrections of contorted toes are important.

Longer toes can be shortened to eliminate painful collisions and smashing of the toe against the inner shoe, while balancing the toe parable at the same time.

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