Among the procedures of physical rehabilitation at Rakovac Polyclinic, we offer rehabilitation treatments to patients that have had COVID-19 or suffer from Long COVID Syndrome with the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in combination with other rehabilitation procedures.

COVID-19 is an acute respiratory infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, a new human pathogen first identified in 2019 in China, from where it spread across the globe and caused a pandemic that changed the world as we knew it up to then. The most common symptoms include fever, pneumonia, myalgia (muscle pain), dry cough and chest pain. The mortality rate for COVID-19 varies from 1% up to over 7%, with respiratory failure being the main cause of death.

Both during treatment and recovery, a key factor is ensuring tissue oxygenation by delivering enough oxygen to the cells.

Whether you are healthy or ill, the amount of oxygen from the air that reaches every cell in your body can be improved with hyperbaric oxygen treatments: by inhaling a higher concentration of oxygen under increased pressure conditions, additional oxygen gets “pushed” to the cells. Increased pressure conditions in the hyperbaric chamber allow for a larger quantity of oxygen to dissolve in the plasma, thus making it readily available for tissues and organs. As pressure increases in the chamber, oxygen molecules become smaller, the blood system becomes oxygen-enriched and a larger amount of oxygen penetrates deeper into the tissues.


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