– X-ray diagnosis

RTG dijagnostika

X-ray scans are the oldest and most commonly used medical diagnostic practice in radiology, and they remain a crucial aspect of contemporary orthopaedics.

At Rakovac Polyclinic we use the most recent digital technology for radiographic examination, which allows us to have standard and specific x-ray scans with the best picture quality and the lowest possible exposure to ionising radiation.

No preparatory measures are necessary before an x-ray scan.

At our Polyclinic, you can get an x-ray scan of your:

  • thorax
  • sternum
  • cervical spine
  • thoracic spine
  • lumbar spine
  • pelvic girdle and hips
  • sternoclavicular joint
  • scapula (shoulder blade)
  • shoulder and upper arm
  • elbow and forearm
  • wrist
  • fist
  • femur
  • knee
  • tibia
  • ankle
  • feet

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