Kaltenborn concept

Biomechanical evaluation of the musculoskeletal system and treatment of its conditions

Kaltenborn-Evjenth koncept

Kaltenborn-Evjenth approach

The Kaltenborn concept is an alternative approach to physical therapy. It is based on ancient and traditional medicine, sports medicine, traditional physiotherapy, osteopathy, orthopaedic medicine, biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system and many other innovations brought forward by practicing therapists. Freddy Kaltenborn, the founder of this approach, decided to combine all of the knowledge he acquired while studying to become a physiotherapist in Norway into a single approach. He also studied orthopaedic medicine and osteopathy in England, and chiropractic in Germany.

The goal of this approach is to give a biomechanical evaluation of the musculoskeletal system and to treat its disorders. A key aspect is the differentiation of the diagnosis, i.e., precisely determining the dysfunctional structure that is causing pain (muscle, joint, ligament, nerve). The methods employed for the treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunctions are soft tissue and joint manipulation techniques. There are set techniques for each joint, muscle, tendon, ligament or nerve.

The Kaltenborn concept is made up of many components. It is the outcome of a lot of work and experience, so its amazing results do not come as a surprise. The Kaltenborn concept is one of the best concepts in orthopaedical manual therapy in the world. It is important to mention that these treatments are generally painless, and extremely efficient after just one or a few sessions with a knowledgeable therapist.

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