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Inhale – exhale, one breath at a time for a fresher feeling!

Borba protiv starenja, ljepota i wellness

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has shown great potential in preventing skin aging by optimizing physical functions of mature skin. By combining HBOT, medication, mental fitness and physical therapy, physical functions of older people can be optimised and improved. If the genetic theory of aging is true, a person’s lifespan cannot be extended. Nonetheless, it is possible to help a patient reach their uttermost age at an optimal level of mental and physical heath.

A healthy and oxygenated blood circulation ensures excellent physical functioning. Hyperbaric oxygenation shows significant results in repairing damaged skin cells and accelerating healing after injuries. A greater circulation of oxygen in blood can allow it to reach areas affected by skin diseases and restore natural processes such as tissue regeneration and collagen synthesis.

A better skin metabolism and stronger subcutaneous muscles leave the impression of great muscle tone, youthfulness, freshness and rejuvenation.

A session in the hyperbaric chamber is a refreshing and relaxing experience – enjoy an hour of peace and quiet for yourself!

  • Revitalises skin cells and improves blood flow
  • Strengthens the immunity system
  • Increases vitality and the capacity for mental and physical exercise
  • Improves focus and memory
  • Stimulates cell rejuvenation and serves as an anti-aging strategy
  • Helps with cognitive disfunction and jet lag

Inhale – exhale, one breath at a time for a fresher feeling!

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